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XPUNKS: The Track Record

We build things because we are builders that build in a building way to build.

track the track

1 Moon...
1 (Entire) Collection

The entire 10,000 OG XPUNK collection was sent to the moon on February 12th, 2024.

It is the first entire NFT collection to be sent on the moon. Gang, gang.

Landing Spot: Malapert-A

bi-punkial Art

From 576 pixels to 100,000+ triangles...

Original Art

The collection inscribed on the moon. The OG art that we all love.
XPUNK #????

Free Art Extension

Your digital companion in the metaverse. Same collection, different art.
XPUNK #????

Cross-chain Your Way to Chunkdom

cooking on 3 chains.

We gave away 100 BTC XPUNKS to 100 core chunks that showed up daily. On rare vintage sats, forever inscribed on Bitcoin.
We love Solana, especially the DEGEN culture within the community. Our new home. Forever, happily after?
We started on the XRP Ledger, as the first 10k collection to launch on chain and kickstarted the XRP NFT bullrun.

Super Geek Stats. For Nerds

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Number of Holders0
XPUNKS Bridged0
Inked XPUNKs3
Number of Raves2

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